Custom Touch Football Singlets Australia

No two teams are the same. The personalities, the friendships, the celebrations. Your kit reflects who you are. Canterbury are commited to empower teams to build their identity with customised kit designs. We’ll make sure it’s not just your performance that catches people’s attention.


Collars or crew necks, all our tops come with our quality features like breathable, lightweight fabrics and reinforced stitching. The options are endless, and how you want your team to represent is only a few clicks away.

Advantage-Short-C&S Mens.png

Ours shorts are designed and developed to be roomy, lightweight, and super secure so you can focus on running rings round your competition.


Put it this way, last thing you want is to put all this effort into making a really unique piece of kit that speaks volumes about your team, just for your Hooker to turn up in a pair of pink fluffy socks. Probably best to get some that match.



Don’t drag your feet on match day. Comfortable, sturdy, and lightweight, our boots meet all the standards.